Bovirex - BFS Trade

Bovirex Ltd. which has been operating for more than 20 years, is one of the determining companies of the Hungarian market with Hungarian ownership, dealing with meat export and import.

Company History

Bovirex Ltd. was founded in 1997, its main area of activity from the foundation until joining the EU was customs administration.


Besides the main activity upon foundation, the wholesale of meat and meat products has been continuously developing and is still on the rise these days.

In the autumn of year 2012  BFS-Trade Ltd. was founded due to technical reasons of commerce, which is continuously and steadily operating with the same area of activity and with a Hungarian ownership background.


We have business relationship with the significant part of the Hungarian small, mid-size and large meat industrial enterprises, commercial networks, independent wholesalers, in addition we have Polish, German, Austrian, Spanish, Italian, Slovakian and Dutch clients abroad.

Our Products

Our product assortment includes meat cuts of pork, beef, chicken and turkey as well as raw materials for food processing.

Quality Policy

We successfully launched the IFS-Broker quality assurance system in year 2018, which has been continuously operating ever since, enabling the documentation and traceability of the consistently high quality throughout the production chain and during our technical processes in commerce.

Request for quotation

Imre Borbély

Managing Owner

Mobil: +36 30 957 3737

Mária Holczinger

Office Manager

Mobil: +36 70 395 8725

Róbert Nagy

Director of Sales

Mobil: +36 70 624 4358

Lajos Vadászi

National Sales Manager

Mobil: +36 70 417 3621

Böröczky-Kuti Magdolna

Sales Manager

Mobil: +36 70 881 5090

Veronika Iván

Financial Manager

Mobil: +36 70 679 8399